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Visual Mind Subscription is an alternative to purchasing a permanent license and comes with a number of characteristics:

Flexible Payment
Together with our e-commerce partner (ShareIt) we offer three different payment intervals - 3 months, 12 months and 24 months. Towards the end of the payment interval you will receive a reminder e-mail for easy renewal.

Free upgrades
During the subscription period you will be notified about new upgrades.  Approving the upgrade, you will automatically run the most current version of Visual Mind.

Free updates
New updates of Visual Mind are made available from time to time.  With Visual Mind Subscription you will automatically be offered new releases.

Easy license transfer
Got a new computer?  With Visual Mind Subscription you can easily transfer the license to a new computer. 

Easy license handling
Companies owning a number of licenses can streamline their license handling and improve consistency with regard to upgrades and editions. 

Automatic validation
Visual Mind Subscription will on a regular basis automatically validate your copy of Visual Mind.  If you are not connected, you will be able to start Visual Mind three times in “offline-mode” before validation is required.  If the required validation is not possible, due to expiration of subscription, lack of internet connectivity or other reasons, Visual Mind will not start.

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