Visual Mind improves overview, priorities and thinking process.

Planning and organizing are key elements in businesses and professionals daily life. Visual Mind increases your capabilities and improves your efficiency through simple graphical techniques.

Keeping track of an increasing number of different tasks, and prioritizing them correctly, influence your performance as a business professional. Visual Mind allows you to quickly and easily be on top of your "To-do" list, making sure that you keep your wanted focus, and improve your time management.

Making decisions, minor or major, project oriented or as part of a strategic planning process, tend to follow the same basic pattern. Being able to evaluate the appropriate factors are vital in a decision making process. Visual Mind is flexible enough for minor decisions, yet allows the development of decisions trees etc. for major decisions.

Visual Mind boost productivity beyond personal level. The new Visual Mind Server allows multiple Visual Mind users to work together on the same Visual Mind map in real-time. This makes Visual Mind an intuitive and flexible platform for communication, collaboration and information sharing between team members and co-workers.

Visual Mind helps professionals to:

  • Improve planning and organizing
  • Structure decision making processes = Make better decisions
  • Enable communication and collaboration between co-workers

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