Visual Mind + theRealizer 2 = State of the art Brainstorming capabilities!

An increasing amount of users have experienced how Visual Mind + theRealizer can make you
more innovative. We at Mind Technologies are therefore happy to present version 2 of
theRealizer Extension Module for Visual Mind. Through thought provoking inspiration you can
generate truly new ideas and with an easy interactive way of evaluating the ideas, theRealizer
improves your creative capabilities. All in a few simple steps.

Why theRealizer?
When you get new impulses to your brain you also get new ideas. Applying them to your challenges makes you and your organization more competitive.

Bringing new competitive ideas to the market requires you to be able to evaluate ideas and compare them. Easing the process of evaluation increases the number of competitive ideas you can turn to innovations.

How does theRealizer help you?
theRealizer tools help you create innovations in 3 easy steps:

  1. Define your Challenge
  2. Get New Ideas from thought provoking impulses (lateral thinking)
  3. Prioritize and develop you ideas into innovations

theRealizer version 2
theRealizer 2 comes fully configurable to let you create your own challenges, impulse cards and sorting diagrams.

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Upgrade now


  • Predefined challenges ranging from product development, sales and marketing to organizational challenges.
  • 400 impulse cards to trigger your brain for new ideas
  • 4 predefined interactive sorting diagrams
  • Prepare for workshops
  • Create your own idea cards and save them as a new deck of cards
  • Create your own axis to get unlimited range of sorting diagrams such as swot, risk analysis etc
  • Have a great overview of the ideas in your map

Download free trial!
theRealizer is available as a 20-day free trial.
Click here to download your free trial copy.

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Buy theRealizer2 at a special discounted price of 126 US$ (Normal price: 189US$). Offer is valid until April 30, 2009. To place your order, click here.