Visual Mind + Mind2Chart = Powerful and Easy Project Management!

We at Mind Technologies are happy to present the Mind2Chart Extension Module for Visual Mind. Mind2Chart makes Visual Mind the perfect tool for your project management needs. With its full integration and two-way synchronization with Visual Mind, it includes all commonly used project management techniques applicable for small and medium sized projects.

What does Mind2Chart offer you?

Mind2Chart is a powerful and easy-to-use project planning add-in that enables you to manage projects using Visual Mind. Everything you need is right at hand and the add-in is so quick and intuitive that you will focus on your tasks, not the process or tool.

Mind2Chart allow you to take advantage of 3 powerful techniques:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Gantt Charting

Mind2Chart for Visual Mind converts your Visual Mind map into a project plan in just a couple of clicks.

  • Mark branches of your project map and establish dependencies between them
  • Make Project Schedule
  • Allocate resources
  • Optimize your Project Schedule according to resources costs and schedules
  • Set completeness percents and monitor project implementation
  • Share the information with your team and customers
  • Create reports with only a click

Additional benefits:

  • Two-way instant synchronization with the Visual Mind map
  • Easy use of reports, Gantt charts as well as Customizable Master Schedule and personal Resource Schedules
  • Total Cost Report as the base for invoices
  • Plus a lot more …

Download free trial!
Mind2Chart is available as a 30-day free trial.
Click here to download your free trial copy.

How to order:
Mind2Chart is available at 79US$. To order your copy, please visit the order page.