Visual Mind 11 is released!

Mind Mapping Software is increasingly acknowledged as an important performance and business tool among companies and individual users all over the world. Quickly being able to switch between the high-level overview and the close view of specific details, leads to improved
analysis, decision-making and implementation. User studies and industry surveys show that
Mind Mapping Software can increase productivity up to 30%.

As a leading supplier of Mind Mapping Software, Mind Technologies is proud to present Visual
Mind 11, the newest version of Visual Mind. Visual Mind 11 introduces a number of new features
and improvements that will bring significant improvement to both new and existing Visual Mind
users. We are also very happy to announce two new and one updated Visual Mind extension module.

Check out the new features below, download the free trial version - and further increase your

Free 30-day Evaluation!

Visual Mind 11 offers a 30-day free trial period and is installed separately from other versions of Visual Mind. This allows current users to evaluate Visual Mind 11 alongside their existing Visual Mind installation. Users that have evaluated earlier versions of Visual Mind will have a new 30-day trial period. You can download your own evaluation copy of Visual Mind 11 (Business Edition) by clicking on your preferred language on the left.


The Visual Mind Server is also available for free evaluation. Click here for more information.

Visual Mind 11 Feature List

In-map editing

With Visual Mind 11, adding and editing content is done in a much more intuitive manner. No dialog box or loose of focus. Just type the text directly into the map and keep a much better contact between with you and the content.

(Larger image)

Floating branches

Need to add content that is detached from other content? Visual Mind 11 allows you to add floating branches to any location of a map, offering you a more dynamic and flexible way of mapping.

Floating pictures

Floating pictures allow you to add graphic content to any location of the map. Either the goal is purely decorative or to provide additional information, this allows you to create appealing maps that leave a polished and professional impression.


Callouts act like annotations or labels to branches. Combined with Visual Mind's "show/hide callout" function, this is ideal for adding remarks or comments that are not a part of the content itself.

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Visual relationship lines

Relationship lines allow you to connect branches that are related to each other, offering you an improved visual view of complex issues.

(Larger image)


Boundaries are used to visually group all branches in a subtree, and thus make the subtree stand out from the rest of the map. This gives you a better view of the individual map parts, and is also one of the easiest ways to improve the visual appearance of a map.

Improved drag & drop feedback

With Visual Mind 11, the visual feedback of drag and drop operations (moving, resizing, etc) has been greatly improved. By giving you a visual preview of the operation's effects, Visual Mind now offers you a more intuitive user experience.

Send as image

Want a quick way to reach an audience that does not have Visual Mind? Now, the Send function of Visual Mind allows you to send a map as an image. Only a few mouse clicks, and Visual Mind has fully prepared the e-mail for you.

New and updated Visual-Mind extension modules
New! Project Planning module

In connection to the new version of Visual Mind, Mind2Chart for Visual Mind has been released. Mind2Chart is an extremely easy-to-use project planning module that enables you to manage projects using Visual Mind.

New! Task Management module

In connection to Visual Mind 11, Outlook EasyTask for Visual Mind has been released. Outlook EasyTask is a Visual Mind module that unites Microsoft® Outlook® and Visual Mind into a powerful task management tool.

Updated! Creativity and Brainstorming module

theRealizer2 for Visual Mind has been updated. theRealizer is a unique brainstorming software that will inspire and guide you to generate, compare and refine new ideas. Limited time offer - 33% discount!

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