Visual Mind 10 is released!

We at Mind Technologies are happy to announce that Visual Mind 10 now is released. The new version introduces several new features that will greatly improve the use of Visual Mind for both single users and teams.

Free 30-day Evaluation!

Visual Mind 10 offers a 30-day free trial period and is installed separately from other versions of Visual Mind. This allows current users to evaluate Visual Mind 10 alongside their existing Visual Mind installation. Users that have evaluated earlier versions of Visual Mind will have a new 30-day trial period. You can download your own evaluation copy of Visual Mind 10 (Business Edition) by clicking on your preferred language on the left.


The Visual Mind Server is also available for free evaluation. Click here for more information.

Visual Mind 10 Feature List

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Improved look and feel (Ribbon Bar)

Version 10 introduces an improved look and feel of Visual Mind. One of the most important improvements is the Ribbon Bar (known from Microsoft Office 2007), which offers a better visual and interactive user experience.

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Better image management

With Visual Mind 10, image handling and management has been greatly improved. With the new categorized image library, you can now visually browse the library category by category to find the image that suits your map. Images that you use frequently are stored in a special "favorites" group and are offered to you through the "Image Favorites" toolbar. This way you get quick access to the images you use the most!

Image Search

In addition to improved image handling and management, Visual Mind 10 also allows you to search for images. Just type in a keyword and Visual Mind will search through the complete image library and offer the images that relate to your keyword.

Copy images into Visual Mind

Often images suitable for a map, are found outside Visual Mind. If you, for instance by browsing the internet, come across an image that you would like to have in your Visual Mind map, you can now simply copy or drag the image into Visual Mind.


Do your topics often start with a capital letter? If yes, the "Auto-Capitalize" feature introduced in Visual Mind 10 will be useful. Whenever you type in text for a new branch, Visual Mind can automatically capitalize the first letter for you. Without needing to worry about capitalizing, you can focus on the topic itself and the things that matters!

Improved PDF support on Windows Vista™

Visual Mind 10 comes with improved PDF support for Microsoft Windows Vista™. The previous problems regarding printing and PDF export that appeared with some Visual Mind installations running on Windows Vista™ are now solved.

Autorecovery of unsaved maps

Visual Mind has for a long time included an autosave feature that prevents users from loosing information. From version 10 of Visual Mind, this feature now also includes new maps (not yet saved to a file).

Updated Visual Mind Software Development Kit (SDK)

In connection to the new look and feel of Visual Mind, the Visual Mind Software Development Kit (SDK) has been updated to reflect the new environment and the Ribbon Bar that is introduced in Visual Mind 10.

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