We at Mind Technologies are happy to announce that Visual Mind 9 now is released. The new version introduces several new features that will greatly improve the use of Visual Mind for both single users and teams.

New Product: Visual Mind Server

With the release of Visual Mind Server, Mind Technologies is proud to offer teams and organizations a complete solution for real-time collaboration and information sharing! Any changes made to a shared Visual Mind map will instantly be visible to other users that work on the map.

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Free 30-day Evaluation!

Visual Mind 9 offers a 30-day free trial period and is installed separately from other versions of Visual Mind. This allows current users to evaluate Visual Mind 9 alongside their existing Visual Mind installation. Users that have evaluated earlier versions of Visual Mind will have a new 30-day trial period. You can download your own evaluation copy of Visual Mind 9 (Business Edition) by clicking on your preferred language on the left.


The Visual Mind Server is also available for free evaluation. Click here for more information.

Visual Mind 9 Feature List

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Real-time map sharing (client/server)
With Visual Mind 9, multiple Visual Mind users can work together on the same Visual Mind map in real-time! Any changes made to a server map will instantly be visible to other users that work on the map. This even applies to related files. Requires a license of Visual Mind Server.

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Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet support
The new Excel feature allows you to view and edit your Excel Spreadsheet data inside Visual Mind. The selected spreadsheet data will be shown as an integrated part of the map, allowing you to see the figures in the logical context.

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Calculation Values
You can now do calculations with Visual Mind! By applying values to branches, you can calculate totals for complete subtrees and maps. Ideal for summing up hours, days, costs, etc.

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The filter feature allows you to give special focus to the branches that interest you for the moment. You can set the filter according to complete branch styles (High Priority, Important, etc.), individual branch properties (font, color, shape, etc.) and task information properties (priority and completion).

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Task information
Be on top of your to-do-lists and project schedules by applying information about priority and completion to branches. In addition to giving you visual feedback of your project and task status, you can combine the task information feature with the filter feature (see the filter feature above) to give special focus on the individual tasks that interest you.

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Web Snapshots
Web Snapshots make your Visual Mind maps more appealing. When inserting a web link, Visual Mind can take a snapshot of the actual web page and let the snapshot represent the web link in the map. The result is better looking web links, and raises the general impression of your maps.

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More than 2000 new images
More than 2000 images, all in a modern and updated design, has been added to the Visual Mind image libraries. Create appealing maps that leave a polished and professional impression.

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Improved search
The search feature of Visual Mind has been greatly improved. The search results are now shown beside the map window. This allows you to examine each search result in detail without closing the search result window.

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Improved Microsoft Outlook® linking
Microsoft Outlook® linking has been improved to use both direct links and copies. Direct links give you access to fresh and up-to-date Outlook content. Copies are useful when the map is distributed to users who do not have access to the original content.

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Improved handling of linked files
Handling of linked files has been improved to include both relative and absolute linking. You can now copy maps to other drives and locations without risking broken file links.

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Updated design
With the latest release, the design of the branches and branch elements have been further refined. The result is even more appealing maps and a more pleasant user experience.
Pricing from 109 US$

Visual Mind 9 and Visual Mind 9 Server is available at the following prices:

New user pricing:
Visual Mind 9, Business Edition: US $249
Visual Mind 9, Basic Edition: US $109
Visual Mind 9 Server: US $800
Visual Mind 9 Server, when bundled with 5 or more licenses: US $500

Upgrading to Visual Mind 9, Business Edition:
From Visual Mind 8, Business Edition: US $99
From Visual Mind 8, Basic Edition: US $179
From earlier versions, Business Edition: US $169
From earlier versions, Basic Edition: US $199

Upgrading to Visual Mind 9, Basic Edition:
From Visual Mind 8, Basic Edition: US $39
From earlier versions, Basic Edition: US $59

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