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Visual Mind 7 is released
Pricing from 89 US
Visual Mind 7 feature list
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Visual Mind newsletter, March 2005

Visual Mind 7 is released!

We are happy to announce that Visual Mind 7 has been released. Visual Mind 7 introduces several new features that will greatly improve the use of Visual Mind.

Try Visual Mind 7 for free!

Visual Mind 7 offers a 30-day free trial period and is installed separately from other versions of Visual Mind. This allows current users to evaluate Visual Mind 7 alongside their existing Visual Mind installation. Users that have evaluated earlier versions of Visual Mind will have a new 30-day trial period. You can download Visual Mind 7 (Business Edition) by clicking on your preferred language on the left.

Two editions of Visual Mind – Pricing from 89 US$!
Visual Mind comes in two editions – Business and Basic. The Business Edition includes the most powerful functions for professional users, businesses and teams. The basic Edition is an excellent low-priced alternative for the individual user that focuses on the core Visual Mind functions.  For more information about the Visual Mind editions, please visit: http://www.visual-mind.com/editions.htm
Visual Mind 7 pricing:
Business Edition: US$ 199.00
Basic Edition: US$ 89.00

Upgrade prices:
Business Edition, from v6: US$ 79.00
Business Edition, from v5 or earlier: US$119.00
Basic Edition, from v6 Basic: US$29.00

For more information about pricing, please visit:

Visual Mind 7 feature list


With new design elements and with use of background and map logo, the maps in Visual Mind is now presented in a much improved look.

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Multiple views allows you to view and operate several places of a map at the same time.

Do you sometimes need to send various types of information to others? Now, Visual Mind allows you to embed all types of related information (pictures, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) into a map, and send everything as a single Visual Mind file.

Visual Mind 6 came with only one branch shape. Visual Mind 7 comes with 10!

Have you ever wanted to "delete" some information, but still be able to read it? The strike-out feature is the easy and brilliant solution to this.

XML export/import allows large-scale users of Visual Mind to integrate Visual Mind with their other enterprise systems. The Visual Mind XML format supports all elements available in Visual Mind.

Now, you can let a Visual Mind map fill the whole computer screen. Perfect if you use Visual Mind for presentations!

Visual Mind now supports importing from and exporting to Microsoft Project.

Text wrapping allows you to decide how the text of a branch should break into several lines. This allows you to achieve a more professional look of your Visual Mind maps.

Visual Mind 6 only supported images and thumbnails of a certain size. Visual Mind 7 allows images and thumbnails of any size, and allows you to resize them on the spot. The result is a more appealing look of your Visual Mind maps.

News feeds allow you to use Visual Mind as your main source for news and articles from all over the world. The headlines will be shown as branches, and Visual Mind also gives you the links to the complete articles. Use one of the many predefined sources in Visual Mind, or add your own favorite news source.

Have you ever needed to insert a branch between two existing branches? Now, you can just right-click the spot and select "Insert Branch Here".


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