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We are happy to inform you that Visual Mind 3.0 is now
released. With version 3.0, Visual Mind has become more
user friendly, and has got a lot of new features that we know
you will find useful. You will find a complete list of the new
features later in this newsletter.

Visual Mind 3.0 may be download from the Visual Mind
download page:

After installing v3.0, you have a 30 day evaluation period. This
also applies if Visual Mind 2.6 has been installed on the computer.

If you currently are running Visual Mind 2.6 on your computer, installing
Visual Mind 3.0 will not harm the 2.6 installation. Visual Mind 3.0
will be installed completely separately from v2.6.

Visual Mind 3.0 is available for 89 US$. Customers having
Visual Mind 2.6 can upgrade to v3.0 for 39 US$. More
information can be found on the Visual Mind order page:


Below is some of the new features in v3.0.

****** Multi-selection ******
In version 3.0, the user can select multiple branches. After selecting
the branches, the user can move, copy, delete, change colors,
change font, etc. for all branches in one operation.

****** Properties in toolbar ******
In Version 3.0, all branch properties are available from the toolbar.
Now, it is possible to change font, font size, colors, child order etc.
for one or many branches with one mouse click.

****** Improved searching ******
In version 3.0, it is possible to search for information among
multiple maps. In addition, it is possible to search for a
specific image.

****** Improved printing ******
Some printers had problems with printing from version 2.6 of
Visual Mind. This especially applies to printing images. This is
highly improved in version 3.0.

****** Printing of notes ******
In version 3.0, notes can also be printed. Now, all information of
the map can be printed to paper.

****** New map format ******
Version 3.0 includes a new map format, which will reduce the map
size (and the use of memory) dramatically. Version 3.0 may save a
map "back" to 2.6 format.

****** Free branch position ******
In version 3.0, the user may take control of where a branch is
placed. This means that you can completely control the look of your
mind maps.

****** Line break ******
Visual Mind 3.0 can break a long branch text into several lines. This
improves the readability and the map takes less space.

****** E-mail addresses ******
Visual Mind 3.0 supports e-mail addresses. This allows you to
compose an e-mail message directly from Visual Mind.

****** Export to separate map ******
With this feature, the user can extract a part of a map and make it
a separate map. This will help you with keeping your mind maps

****** Import from separate map ******
With this feature, the user can include one map in another map.

****** Export to image ******
In version 3.0, a mind map can be saved as an image.

****** HTML export ******
Version 3.0 of Visual Mind include functions for saving a map as a HTML
file. This feature is superb for publishing information on a web page.

****** RTF export ******
In Version 3.0, the user may save a map as a RTF file. RTF is an
advanced text format that can be viewed in most text processors.

****** Customized export format ******
With this feature, the user can make its own format for exporting
maps. This feature is ideal for exporting the information to
applications that do not support the other export formats.


Version 3.0 includes the following minor improvements:
- Use relative paths in branch links and file hyperlinks.
- In v2.63, all branches were printed B&W. In 3.0, the user can
decide if the branches shall be printed in B&W or color.
- User can decide when colors shall be inherited.
- Even more settings have been added to the Options dialog box.


The following bugs are fixed in version 3.0:
- Windows NT: Visual Mind had to be installed by the user.
- Sometimes, no files were showing when inserting file hyperlink
- Sometimes, maps were not opened as maximized windows.
- An error occurred when trying to save to a read-only file
- Moving focus from notes window to main window by F2, cleared the notes.
- Find, Index: "Last selected branch" wasn't automatically selected.
- Some problems with font inheriting.
- Under certain circumstances: General error when "dragging" branch.

If you have any questions about this newsletter or about Visual Mind 3.0,
feel free to contact Norcan Data at support@visual-mind.com .

Enjoy Visual Mind 3.0. We know you will find it useful!

Best regards,
Norcan Data